Q: Why a sloth?

A: The sloth is our favorite non-traditional animal and we felt like it really captured our mantra to take time in your life to slow down and relax. We also just think they are adorable creatures that live a life of leisure which is really what we all aspire to, right?


Q: What colorants do you use?

A: We use FDA approved food/cosmetic grade dyes in conjunction with cosmetic grade micas to ensure that the colorful show our products display is safe, non-toxic, and will not stain your skin or tub. We try to use natural colorants like rose clay and indigo powder in as many products as we can, but sometimes we need those cosmetic dyes to achieve the right results.

Q: How and Where are your products made?

A: Each and every one of our products from soap to bath bombs are individually hand-crafted in Cleveland, Ohio. We take great care to ensure that our products maintain a high standard of quality by sourcing ingredients responsibly from vendors in our area. We are constantly researching new ingredients and products to provide our customers with the best self care experience possible.


Q: What's the big deal with SLS vs. SLSA?

A: This is a tricky question and one that is hard to answer in a concise way, but here is a brief summary. For starters, SLS and SLSA are known as surfactants and their job is to turn the oils in soaps and other self-care products into the colorful bubbles we all know and love. SLS is a cheaper, but effective ingredient made by mixing sulfuric acid, monododecyl ester, and sodium salt. The issue with this chemical and the reason we do not use it is that it can cause skin irritation when used in high concentrations for products like bath bombs and bubble bars. We also like to keep all of our products safe for adults AND children so using a harsher chemical like SLS just doesn't align with our values as a company. SLSA is a more natural alternative to SLS and is derived from coconut and palm oils. It may not produce as thick a foam as some of the products you are used to seeing from larger companies, but it does effectively break down the oils in our products to soften and moisturize your skin safely. We could go on and on about this topic, but will instead stop here and urge you to reach out to us if you have further questions or concerns.

Q: Is there corn starch in your bath bombs?

A: Nope! We do not use any starch fillers in our products. Instead, we use a blend of detoxifying kaolin clays that soften your skin. This is one reason our products are priced a bit higher than some other brands. Corn starch can lead to health problems such as yeast infections when used in bath products so we steer clear of the starch! 


Q: My shipping seems a little high, what's the deal?

A: We do our absolute best to find the cheapest shipping solutions for our customers' orders. That being said, given that we are basically shipping rocks (beautiful, nice-smelling rocks), the cost can seem high when only purchasing one or two bath bombs, but evens out based on weight. We primarily use USPS to guarantee the lowest possible shipping price on your order. All orders are shipped from Cleveland, OH and we ship internationally. Hate paying for shipping? Just order $75 or more and it's on us!


Q: Do you accept wholesale orders?

A: Yes! We just ask that you provide us with 2-3 weeks lead time as all products are fresh and handmade to order. Contact us at soothingslothsoapco@gmail.com for pricing and questions.


Q: Why is there a price difference between some bath bombs?

A: We price our bombs based on three different components: time, materials, and weight. Not all of our bath bombs follow the same formula and some use more expensive ingredients like essential oils, rose clay, coconut milk powder, etc. You'll notice our heart bombs are cheaper and that is because they range between 4-4.5 oz. whereas one of our larger mondo bath bombs weighs 7-7.5 oz. We create some bombs larger than others to provide a more moisturizing bath and the larger bombs also allow us to have a bit more fun with hidden colors and floral toppings. 


Q: Do you accept custom orders for events?

A: We are happy to craft custom bath bombs for events such as weddings, bridal showers, graduation parties, etc. Just contact us with your idea and needs and we will work something out to make sure you have the best party favors!


Q: Will a bath bomb stain my skin?

A: We test all of our products on ourselves before even considering selling to the public to ensure your skin is left smooth and the same color as before you stepped into the tub (just a little cleaner) We do not test on animals and are passionately against the practice of doing so. The bath bomb may leave a bit of residue on the bottom of your tub when you drain it, but this can just be wiped away with a wash cloth and washed down the drain. The only products that may leave temporary stains on skin if not used correctly is our Fresh to Death  Bath Bomb. This bath bomb should be placed directly into the tub full of warm water and not handled as it fizzes to avoid any chance of temporary small dots of color on your hands. 

Don't see the answer to a question you have? Just email us at hello@soothingsloth.com and we will happily answer any questions you might have.