Ultimate Sloth Box Set
Wanderlust Bath Bomb
Fresh to Death Bath Bomb
Leaf Me Be Bath Bomb
Drama Queen Bath Bomb

Ultimate Sloth Box Set

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You know that one friend that's obsessed with taking baths and posting them on Instagram... (guilty!) This is the ultimate gift set for bath bomb lovers! Our most visually exciting, moisturizing, and fragrant bath bombs can now be purchased in one place in this gorgeous new gift set. This selection of bath bombs contains hidden colors, shimmery pitch black water, gorgeous jewel tones, and of course all of these products are hand-crafted with skin softening clays and a generous amount of coconut oil. 

All of our gift sets come pre-packaged with a description card and colored shredded paper.  

This gift set includes:

(1) STARMAN Bath Bomb (scents of bergamot, amber and grapefruit)

(1) Drama Queen Bath Bomb (bright notes of grapefruit and peach)

(1) Leaf Me Be Bath Bomb (clean scents of a summer thunderstorm) 

(1) Fresh to Death Bath Bomb (scents of fresh rain, bamboo and eucalyptus)

(1) Wanderlust Bath Bomb (scents of mahogany and teakwood)


For a full list of ingredients, please visit individual product listings linked above.

This product contains herbs and/or essential oils. Please consult a physician before use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Product is intended for external use only. Please use caution when entering or exiting the tub as this product contains oils that may cause surfaces to be slippery.